A Queensland College of the Arts (QCA) Initiative by Clare Poppi and Liz Shaw

In 2010 Griffith University hosted Susie Ganch and Christina Miller from the Ethical Metalsmiths to come to Australia and hold a “Radical Jewllery Makeover”(RJM) at QCA (Queensland College of Art)

The RJM is an educational, community focussed initiative developed to highlight and raise awareness of the source of materials. In the lead up, members of the community were invited to donate unwanted pieces of jewellery. This “urban mining”resulted in over 9 kg of donated jewellery which were sorted and disassembled for re-use. The articipating artists slected from the donations to recycle and re-configure into contemporary jewellery pieces. The generosity of the donations meant that there was a lot of “raw” materials left over.

100% Recycled follows on from the RJM experience and embraces similar ideals of environmental responsibility in jewellery making. Using left-over and unused artcles of donated jewellery fromt he 2010 RJM, artists have been invited to attend a one-day workshop to choose materials, to create jewellery pieces, share ideas and gather as a community of makers.

The works will be exhibited at the Brisbane Square Library, opening on Friday the 9th of November, 2012.

To view the catalogue of works please visit the Jewellers & Metalsmiths Group of Queensland

Radical Jewellery Makeover