Artist in Residence

Welcome to AK Milroy’s Studio

AK Milroy has been successfully exhibiting and selling original artwork in Australia and overseas for the past two decades.

Although based in Brisbane, the artist’s cosmopolitan lifestyle ensures continued contact with many different cultures and peoples and this is reflected in the diverse array of artworks produced, in terms of medium, content, technical skill and presentation. It also assures that every exhibition is very different from the last.

AK Milroy’s goal is to create original artworks that inspire your mind, heart and soul and you are invited to join in this journey, to share the artwork, its inspirations and your responses to these.

Thank you for visiting. AK Milroy looks forward to welcoming you to the gallery soon. Details of the next exhibition are under the “Exhibitions” link.

Painting outside Green Vale Gallery

Raku Firing

Wire Sculpture

Raku Firing