Green Vale Gallery News – FEBRUARY 2015

Dear Fellow Art Enthusiasts

Welcome to the Green Vale Gallery newsletter – an update of happenings in this little microcosm of the world.

The exhibition schedule has continued to be filled with group pursuits and these have been fantastic in terms of opportunities, shared experiences and the production of new works of art.  Amongst these, some of the old favourites: including the Goldsmith School (Bardon), JMGA (Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia) and with friends Wim de Vos and Adele Outteridge at Studio West End.   More recently, a couple of added favourites in the form of collaborations – one with physicist, and fellow metalsmith MJ Wegener, which resulted in a great exhibition, entitled Labpunk, the Art in Physics at the AIP in Canberra in 2014.   Also, continued work with the Queensland Museum, and inspiration from their palaeo-botanical collection, is slowly but surely edging towards some unique works of art, which will be presented as an important part of my final thesis with Central Queensland University.

Busy times, luckily I have been fortunate enough to have some assistance, in the form of an Intern, Kirsten Marlow, a recent QUT Creative Industries graduate.  Very computer savvy, and able to complete a full range of tasks (including prepping large canvases for painting) – Kirsten has been great to have at the Gallery.

2015 looks to be another full year, but one in which the focus is on completion of the thesis, which involves an examined exhibition and an accompanying exegesis.  A public exhibition of these works will be announced upon successful completion of these.   What this means to the gallery, is a rather quiet (on the outside) time, with a lot of introverted type activity (on the inside).  Emerging on the other side of this academic diversion…newer, more thoughtful works of art?  Time will tell.

However, I will continue teaching part-time at the Goldsmiths’ School, in Bardon, as it continues to be a great creative sanctuary with other like minded souls and an incubator of fabulous jewellery and /or wearable art.

Here’s to a great 2015!

With warmest regards
AK Milroy


2014_12_AIP_John Howard_AKM+MJW

Milroy and Wegener accepting a gift from the Chair of the Australian Physics Congress, John Howard.


At the Goldsmiths’ School. Wegener (L) and Milroy (R) with Sue and Elmar Rothbrust


The POPCAANZ Team 2014


Intern Kirsten Marlow